Himalayan White
Himalayan White
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Himalayan White

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There is a saying about aged white tea in China:" one year tea, three year medicine, seven year treasure." 


Located in the eastern Himalayan region of Nepal, ‘Jun Chiyarari’ is nestled amongst the world’s highest peaks. Here, tea plants are nourished by the purest glacial water, washed by soft, cool mountain mists and kissed by the sun. Tea leaves are hand plucked individually and crafted using 150 years old brass plates. Since first planting in 2001, Jun Chiyabari has been committed to sustainable farming and focused on social responsibility.


1-2 teaspoons (3g) of leaf 

1 cup (200ml) of filtered water 

2-3mins @ 85℃


Add 9 grams of leaf in 1 litre of filtered water(cold or room temperature), ready to enjoy after 12 hours of steeping. 

Category: Rare Teas
Type: White Tea