About us


“Part of the joy of being a human being in flesh and blood is experiencing physical sensations. In terms of palate, tea’s an incredibly sensory, sensual way to connect with your own being human."


Samsara Tea House was established in 2016 by Sarthak Dahal and Cheryl Guo. A husband and wife team who happen to also be avid tea lovers. We have a passion for travelling with the pursuit of the finding the perfect cuppa, to share with other tea enthusiasts.

 Samsara Tea House was created after meeting Sarthak’s uncles in the picturesque city of Patan - Nepal, a city renowned for fine art and Buddhist and Hindu culture. Sarthak’s uncles are the founders of Jun Chiyabari, a certified organic tea garden located in the eastern region of Nepal, nestled amongst tall, rolling Himalayan foothills. Jun Chiyabari is recognised for producing high-quality tea leaves while practising sustainable farming and social responsibility. You can find Jun Chiyabari teas at some of the most prestigious hotels, restaurants and tea houses around the world, including Noma in Copenhagen which is a two-Michelin-star restaurant.

Cheryl has previously worked as a Fine Wine Specialist and has experience trading wines. She obtained a Level 2 Award in Wine and Sprit from The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) in 2013.Tea and wine share common elements. The breadth of tea’s aromas and flavours, tannins, the ceremonial elements, the terroir and the making are some just to name a few.
Inspired by the story of Jun Chiyabari and reinvigorated with passion for tea, we decided to pursuit travelling and working with artesian growers who share similar values and practises.
Our aim at Samsara Tea House is to source only the highest quality teas directly from the tea farm. It ensures that it is authentic, fresh and full of flavour. It also means that the farmers, the skilled tea pickers, and our customers get a fair deal.  We feel that it is the only way for those of us in the tea business to truly understand the many steps of tea cultivation and production and all the nuance and detail that makes each tea unique.
At Samsara Tea House we sell the teas that we want to drink and that we want our customers to drink, too.